Our through hole resistors cover virtually any market as we are UL qualified.

We offer all the technologies available today: wirewound, thin film, oxide,metal glaze, metalplate.

We have high volume capacity to cover any demand.

Leaded Resistors

CF Carbon film fixed resistors
FCF Flame proof carbon resistors
FKNP-S Flame proof fusing wire wound resistors
HFP Fiber glass wirewound radial
KNP Wire wound resistors
KNP3WL Surge wire wound resistors
MF Metal film fixed resistors
MG Metal glazed resistors
MOS Metal oxide flame proof resistors
NCF Non inductive carbon resistors
RXF wirewound fuse resistor-UL, VDE, CQC
SQM Cement resistors
SQP Cement resistors
SR Symmetry wire wound resistors
SSR 025-3W High surge resistors
SSR 400-500 high surge power resistors
SWA Wirewound anti surge resistor
ULW - ULWP Wirewound safety resistors

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